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Airport Tours

Explore your local airport

The San Carlos Airport Tour Program invites community members to visit and experience the benefits that our airport provides to the local area. Adults and children of all ages are invited to participate in this fun and educational experience.

Tour Itinerary

  • Meet at Hiller Aviation Museum.
  • Begin tour inside Hiller’s 747.
  • Listen to briefing about the tour.
  • Hiller personnel brief the group about upcoming events.
  • Proceed to airport observation platform and listen to Control Tower operations.
  • Learn about the Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Vehicle.
  • Visit a flight school with briefing from flight instructor.
  • Take pictures inside aircraft.
  • Visit terminal building and Sky Kitchen restaurant.

Airport tours are full through spring 2024.

Please visit our website again for future tours availability.

Schedule a Tour

Email [email protected] to request a tour.

Video tour of Half Moon Bay Airport including historical facts about its origin and history – coming soon!