Noise Comment Hotline: 844-266-6266

Friendly Approach Program

Welcome to the County of San Mateo Airports’ Friendly Approach Program

The County of San Mateo Airports’ Friendly Approach Program is a noise management outreach plan designed to inform the community about San Carlos and Half Moon Bay airports’ operations and how they contribute to thriving bayside and coastal communities.

The businesses and users of the County’s airports create jobs, transport essential goods and supplies, deliver important emergency services, and bring prosperity to the region. San Carlos Airport and Half Moon Bay Airport are important local assets providing a positive impact on the region, and the airports’ staff are also empathetic to community members’ concerns.

Friendly Approach Toward Our Neighbors

One of the program’s goals is to minimize aircraft noise sometimes heard by our neighbors. We proactively work toward this by informing, collaborating with, and listening to our pilots and our community.

We encourage all of our pilots to utilize a Friendly Approach toward our neighbors and residents to minimize the impact of their aircraft. We clearly outline voluntary procedures pilots can follow in order to do this, and even have the procedures available visually through a series of stunning 4K videos.

Our Friendly Approach program is also designed to help our community stay informed and involved in the activities at the airports. Sign up to be informed in advance about irregular aircraft operations.  Timely feedback from our neighbors improves compliance. It’s easy to contact us or
file a noise comment with any questions or concerns about airport operations.

Friendly Approach

By taking a Friendly Approach to engage our pilots and the community with consistent, up-to-date information about our noise management efforts, we can minimize any potential disruption to those living around us while also ensuring that our airports, and therefore the community as a whole, continue to prosper together.