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Fly Seabird Safe Over Devil’s Slide Sensitive Nesting Area

— It’s Spring and Birds Are Getting Busy on the Coast — 

The Devil’s Slide Seabird Nesting Area, located five miles north of Half Moon Bay Airport (HAF), is a year-round home to thousands of seabirds. During the spring they are extra busy, laying eggs, hatching chicks, and growing their families. These seabird colonies are sensitive to aircraft overflight. Therefore, pilots flying in this area are asked to fly at or above 1,000 feet to reduce the potential for seabird disturbances.

The Devil’s Slide Seabird Nesting Area is not indicated on aeronautical charts. Please refer to the image provided for the location and boundaries of the nesting area. The area’s northern boundary—Point San Pedro—is a large, pointed set of white rocks. The southern boundary is Bunker Point, just south of the entrance to the Tom Lantos Tunnel. Thousands of seabirds nest throughout this area.

For more information, visit Seabird Protection Network, a program of the NOAA Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary.


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