Noise Comment Hotline: 844-266-6266

Flying Friendly: Preferred Flight Procedures at HAF

Half Moon Bay Airport (HAF), a gateway to beautiful and welcoming coastal towns, is a favorite destination for pilots, especially during clear-weather patterns. While flight training is necessary for pilots, it can impact HAF neighbors, particularly when pilots practice numerous touch-and-go operations.

Airports’ staff ask pilots (when practical and safe) to limit the number of touch-and-go operations at HAF to five (5) or fewer per flight.

Additionally, pilots are asked to utilize this Runway 30 voluntary noise abatement departure whenever possible:

🛩️ Climb straight out until reaching the shoreline
🛩️ Reduce power/RPM as soon as safe
🛩️ Begin right crosswind turn as soon as safe, below traffic pattern altitude.
   – If able, turn before the end of the airport property to avoid overflying homes in Moss Beach and Montara.
🛩️ Maintain traffic pattern altitude on downwind to reduce impacts for residents in El Granada.

View the HAF and SQL voluntary noise abatement procedures here, and please fly safe and fly friendly.


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