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Flying Friendly – Preferred Flight Procedures

— Oracle Departure from San Carlos Airport’s Runway 30 —

The County of San Mateo Airports has created a series of short videos to inform pilots about the best ways to depart and arrive San Carlos Airport and Half Moon Bay Airport. In this article, we focus on the Oracle Departure from SQL’s Runway 30.

A primary focus for County of San Mateo Airports is minimizing aircraft noise for neighbors of San Carlos and Half Moon Bay airports. Please help us be a good neighbor by familiarizing yourself with our voluntary noise abatement procedures and flying friendly. When departing SQL’s Runway 30 and heading east, the Oracle Departure is the preferred procedure:

🛩️ Fly straight out until just past the diamond-shaped waterway, then turn right crosswind.
🛩️ Follow the Belmont Slough out toward the Bay (see video for the correct waterway)
🛩️ Avoid overflying homes on either side of the Belmont Slough
🛩️ For obstacle avoidance and to avoid inbound traffic, keep the KNBR radio tower off to your right
⛔ Remain clear of the SFO Class B Airspace.

View the Oracle Departure and all other SQL and HAF preferred flight procedures here: Thank you for flying safe and for flying friendly.