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Friendly Visitors

Welcoming and Engaging with Pilots about Noise-Sensitive Neighborhoods

One of the best things about working at County of San Mateo Airports is greeting and welcoming visitors to our beautiful region. SQL and HAF are in-demand airports for pilots and their passengers—whether for business or leisure travel in the Bay Area. With easy access to the flight line, airports’ staff enjoy an occasional detour from their daily duties to say hello in person.

Our in-person “Friendly Visitors” greeting is how we welcome those landing at our airports for the first time. Our Bay Area-native airports’ staff are well-versed with touristy tips on where to grab a bite, including the Sky Kitchen Restaurant at SQL and the Pilot Light Cafe at HAF, both of which are open for breakfast and lunch (call ahead to confirm opening hours).

It’s also an opportunity to engage with pilots about residential areas surrounding both SQL and HAF and the preferred takeoff and landing procedures to avoid overflying them when operational factors allow.

The next time you arrive to SQL or HAF, don’t be surprised if we “roll out the red carpet” and greet you with a smile, words of welcome, some airports-branded swag, and snap a photo or two, if you’re willing. 

We love to highlight our Friendly Visitors program, people, planes (and sometimes even pups) on our social media pages. Thanks for visiting San Mateo County Airports and thanks for sharing the story behind your visit.


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