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Introducing the Friendly Approach Program and the Airports’ People Behind It

We’re pleased to deliver the inaugural edition of “Friendly Approach News,” the County of San Mateo Airports’ quarterly newsletter. The Friendly Approach program is a new way to communicate with our community—neighbors, tenants, businesses and other airport users—and to share news and updates about aircraft operations and other activities at San Carlos Airport (SQL) and Half Moon Bay Airport (HAF).

SQL and HAF provide important services to the County of San Mateo’s bayside and coastal communities. Our general aviation reliever airports allow Bay Area commercial-service airports, including San Francisco International, to prioritize airline service.

SQL is an essential business-focused airport with annual contributions of several million dollars to the local economy and local school districts, which creates 300 jobs and welcomes 100,000 visitors each year to the on-site Hiller Aviation Museum. HAF provides first-responder access to the coast, and is a welcoming destination for both recreational pilots and other visitors to our beautiful coastline and many other nearby attractions.

The County of San Mateo Airports’ team is proud of the work we do in supporting SQL and HAF, and ensuring both airports provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment. Our friendly approach to working with and welcoming all we serve includes prioritizing two-way communications with our neighbors and airports’ users.

Led by Interim Deputy Director Department of Public Works – Administration & Airports Gretchen Kelly and Assistant Airport Manager Michael Byrne with community outreach provided by Airport Communications Specialist Davi Howard, they are part of a much larger team that operates the two airports.

As the face of the Friendly Approach program, Davi is a champion for SQL and HAF and the communities in the airports’ service areas. Davi is a retired Federal Aviation Administration air traffic controller, having been a controller at San Carlos, San Jose and San Francisco airports, who launched his career in the U.S. Air Force. He is a friendly and expert resource for SQL and HAF neighbors that may have questions and comments about aircraft operations. Davi invites community members to contact him through the County of San Mateo Airports’ online and hotline—(844) 266-6266—channels.

To request a direct response to a question or comment, simply indicate this in the Comments section of the online form or as part of the telephone message.

Now that you know a little bit more about the County of San Mateo Airports, the team looks forward to continuing to learn more about our airports’ neighbors and all those we serve.