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Preparing for Flood Risk on Our Airfields

— Practice Makes Perfect for County of San Mateo Airports Staff —

The County of San Mateo airports are both situated adjacent to bodies of water, with San Carlos Airport located on the bayside and Half Moon Bay Airport on the coast. Therefore, planning for the possibility of excessive high tide is an emergency preparedness priority at both airports. One tool in our toolbox to protect against flooding on our airfields is Water Gate, a portable anti-flood barrier that has been incorporated into the Airports’ emergency preparedness plans.

Airports’ staff conducted their annual flood prevention exercise in December, working together as a team to deploy Water Gate. The exercise ensured staff is familiar with where the anti-flood device is stored, how to mobilize it, and where to deploy it to prevent a flood emergency. The Water Gate device and the Airports’ team exercise on how to deploy it is an important investment, especially given the recent and excessive rainfall and flooding experienced in many Bay Area communities. The emergency exercise was successfully executed, allowing staff to understand how the device acts as a dam to prevent water on the airfields due to the potential of tidal rise.


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