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EAA Chapter 20 Welcomes Ukrainian Teens to SQL

— Visitors Enjoyed an Aerial Bay Tour and Learned About the Many Career Opportunities in Aviation —
The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 20 welcomed 10 teenagers from Kyiv, Ukraine, to San Carlos Airport (SQL) on August 6 as part of an educational visit to the Bay Area. Organized by 360Plus, the trip offered the students a break from their daily lives in their war-torn country, and included stops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and New York.

Upon arrival at SQL, students were treated to flight tours of the Bay Area by pilots from Chapter 20’s Young Eagles program. After exploring the skies, the young aviators checked out the EAA Airplane Build Hangar, where construction of a Van’s RV-12 is currently underway. They also learned from EAA members about the chapter’s STEM programs.

As a final stop during their jam-packed day at SQL, the Ukrainian students enjoyed a guided tour of the Hiller Aviation Museum. Here they learned about aviation history and career opportunities, and the many pioneers and current-day aviation professionals who made their air travel visit between Ukraine and the U.S. possible.

“EAA Chapter 20 was honored and delighted to host the students from Ukraine this summer, and to share the many aviation career opportunities available to them. We rolled out the welcome mat to our 360Plus visitors, toured them around via air and the tarmac, and were proud to show them our beautiful Bay Area home,” said the chapter’s Secretary Ella Catron.

360Plus believes in providing educational opportunities to youth who would not otherwise have access to experiential learning. The three-week, fully-funded tour of the U.S. was an experience of a lifetime for the 10 teenage visitors. Read their bios, and learn more about 360Plus and how to support this program at

EAA offers airplane rides to children, admission to hundreds of science and technology museums, and free ground school to aspiring pilots. EAA Chapter 20 at SQL also awards scholarships to local students to encourage them to pursue flight training. Learn more about EAA Chapter 20 at