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Featuring Our Friendly Team — Meena Sharma

— Meena Sharma, Administrative Assistant II, County of San Mateo Airports —

Meena Sharma is known for going the distance. From her birthplace in Fiji, an archipelago of more than 300 islands off the eastern coast of Australia; a 23-year career with the County of San Mateo Airports; and her support to her colleagues and customers of the San Carlos and Half Moon Bay airports, Meena has a well-earned reputation for taking care of people to the nth degree.

Working in the banking industry in Fiji helped to propel Meena’s career when she landed in the Bay Area in 1992. Early positions included working in Citibank’s bankruptcy department. Seeking ongoing professional growth, Meena applied for a position in the County’s payroll department and landed a position with the Airports Division.

“Despite having no aviation experience—beyond my very long and exciting flight from Fiji—I found a new challenge and came to love working to support my colleagues and customers at the San Carlos and Half Moon Bay airports,” Meena said.

Over the past two decades, she has worked her way up to her current position as Admin Assistant II, attributing her success to what the aviation industry offers. “When I joined the Airports, I thought to myself, “I like this as I am learning new things all the time,” which felt good. Aviation is interesting, and my hiring manager at the time really inspired me,” Meena recalled.

What brings joy to Meena and continues to support her passion for working at the Airports is her love of helping her colleagues and supporting the community through her excellent customer service skills. Her colleagues know her for spending a lot of time with customers, answering their questions, resolving their requests, and connecting with them as a frontline member of the Airports’ team. Meena appreciates that each day brings new opportunities and exciting challenges, and friendly visitors that travel through the San Carlos Airport where the Administrative Offices are located. A big fan and supporter of the Bay Area’s major league teams—Warriors, 49ers and Giants—Meena shared, “I met Tim Lincecum, the former San Francisco Giants pitcher, and was thrilled that he chose our airport to travel through.”

Despite growing up in the beautiful Fiji Islands, Meena believes the Bay Area is one of the best places to live. “I appreciate the California sunshine. It makes me smile, helps my roses bloom, and contributes to good health for myself and others,” she said.

While away from work, Meena walks; explores new hiking trails; cooks new recipes to share with her husband of 40+ years, two daughters and a son, two grandsons—who she adores—and other loved ones.

She also loves to travel. “A recent journey to Paris with my sisters to celebrate a milestone birthday for me was just the ticket to keep me going the distance in my wonderful world,” Meena concluded.

Contact Meena at [email protected] or (650) 573-3700.