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Featured Business — Fly Bay Area

— Soaring Over Northern California —

San Carlos Airport is home to four flight schools that perform the important role of training the next generation of pilots. In this edition of “Friendly Approach News,” we feature Fly Bay Area.

Team members at Fly Bay Area, located at the San Carlos Airport (SQL), share one thing in common—a deep passion for aviation. In their roles as flight instructors and aerial tour guides, they take pride in sharing the thrill of flying with their students and passengers, and igniting this same passion and wonder for the skies that inspired them to become pilots.

Fly Bay Area offers both flight training and airplane tours around the San Francisco Bay:

Flight School

As an official Cessna Flight Training Center, Fly Bay Area offers comprehensive flight training programs tailored to individuals at all stages of their aviation journey.

Whether a novice wishing to earn a private pilot license or a seasoned aviator seeking advanced certifications, the team of certified flight instructors guides students through every step of the process.

U-Fly Aerial Tours

Unique to Fly Bay Area is that passengers get to fly the airplane. U-Fly Aerial Tours allow customers to experience what it feels like to pilot an aircraft while soaring above iconic landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and the San Francisco skyline. Other destinations west and south of SQL include the Pacific coastline, Half Moon Bay, the modern Apple Infiniti loop, and the Google campus.

Whether a local or a visitor, Fly Bay Area aerial tours offer an unforgettable experience, a special gifting opportunity, and a fresh perspective on the beautiful Bay Area region.

What’s more, Fly Bay Area aircraft operate entirely on unleaded fuel, which is good for the environment.

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