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Meet Our Aviation Alumnus Lindsey Evans

— Lindsey Evans: From a First Flight in a Biplane to a First Officer with Delta Air Lines —

Lindsey Anne Evans is an excellent example of what it means to be a County of San Mateo Airports’ Aviation Alumni member. Growing up in an aviation family—both of her grandfathers and two uncles were pilots—Lindsey caught the aviation bug at age 13. After enjoying a ride in a biplane, she recognized a career in aviation was the path she wanted to pursue.

After high school, Lindsey attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) where she studied aeronautical science, media, meteorology, and business administration. A student-athlete, Lindsey was also the captain of the women’s soccer team in her senior year, which would play a big role in her post-college life.

She spent two years playing soccer in Scandinavia after graduating ERAU. But in the back of her mind, the skies were calling. She made her way to California, landing at San Carlos Airport (SQL). Lindsey resumed flying after meeting a retired airline captain at JATO Aviation, one of SQL’s flight schools, where she worked. The burning desire for flight was reignited.

Lindsey built enough flight hours to apply for her first professional aviation job. She was hired at Mokulele Airlines, where she flew the C-208 Grand Caravan around the Hawaiian Islands for two years, gaining valuable experience. Her next job took her to Dayton, Ohio, where she flew regional jets for PSA Airlines, a subsidiary of American Airlines. Here she upgraded and took on the responsibility of being in charge as captain.

Three years later, Lindsey began the grueling interviews, psychology exams and other tests required to apply for a position with Delta Air Lines, which she passed with flying colors. Now a Delta first officer flying the Airbus A-220, Lindsey’s current assignment based in New York is a career milestone, marking a coast-to-coast professional journey and where she often reflects on the many people she met at SQL who helped her achieve career success.


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