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Flying Friendly – Preferred Flight Procedures

— Oracle Departure from San Carlos Airport’s Runway 30 —

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Featuring Our Friendly Team

— Gretchen Kelly, Interim Deputy Director, Department of Public Works – Administration & Airports —

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An Unleaded-Fuel Future for General Aviation Aircraft

— Cleaner, greener unleaded fuel has been available at the San Carlos Airport since 2015 —

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Meet Our Aviation Alumnus Anthony “Trip” Turner

— Anthony “Trip” Turner: Local Boy Turned American Warrior —

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Preparing for Flood Risk on Our Airfields

— Practice Makes Perfect for County of San Mateo Airports Staff —

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County of San Mateo Airports Launches Friendly Approach Program

A Friendly Approach to Informing the Community about the San Carlos and Half Moon Bay Airports’ Operations and How They Contribute to Thriving Bayside and Coastal Communities

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