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Welcome to the New Air Traffic Controllers at San Carlos Airport

Air traffic services at San Carlos Airport (SQL) are provided by SERCO, a privately owned company, through a contract with …

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Mission Accomplished: San Carlos and Half Moon Bay Airports Runways’ Rehab Projects

The runways at Half Moon Bay Airport (HAF) and San Carlos Airport (SQL) were rehabilitated in summer and fall 2023, …

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Pilot Light Cafe: A Welcome Beacon at Half Moon Bay Airport

Pilot Light Cafe, an appropriate name for the popular restaurant at Half Moon Bay Airport, is a welcoming beacon for …

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Preferred Flight Procedures – Fly Friendly

— Half Moon Bay Airport — Clear-weather patterns during winter and spring can lead to more flight training at Half …

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Elizabeth Antoine-Hands – EAA Board Member

Elizabeth Antoine-Hands is a familiar face around the San Carlos Airport (SQL). An Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 20 at-large …

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Reinvesting in Our Airports’ Runways and Taxiways

— Pavement Rehab Projects Planned at Both HAF and SQL; On-Airport Businesses Will Remain Open During the Airfield Construction —

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EAA Chapter 20 Welcomes Ukrainian Teens to SQL

— Visitors Enjoyed an Aerial Bay Tour
and Learned About the Many Career Opportunities in Aviation —

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Featuring Our Friendly Team — Meena Sharma

— Meena Sharma, Administrative Assistant II, County of San Mateo Airports —

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Flying Friendly – Preferred Flight Procedures — Woodside Departure from SQL—

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