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Welcome to the New Air Traffic Controllers at San Carlos Airport

Air traffic services at San Carlos Airport (SQL) are provided by SERCO, a privately owned company, through a contract with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Air traffic controllers are essential partners for safe and secure flight operations at airports. A full complement of six controllers—with expertise developed through FAA and military air traffic control careers—is now managing flight departures and arrivals at SQL daily between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Returning to full air traffic control staffing was made possible by ongoing communication and collaboration between air traffic control leadership, airports’ staff, and SQL’s businesses and tenants. Together, these airport stakeholders recognized and achieved the mutual goal of offering air traffic services to both seasoned and in-training pilots during peak traffic hours.

Even while the SQL runway was closed for rehabilitation for 30 days in fall 2023, air traffic controllers continued to offer their essential services by safely managing the airspace around the airport. Since the onboarding of these controllers, the tower has received many comments complimenting their dedication to safety and service. This change is welcomed and appreciated by airports’ staff and SQL users.


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