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Mission Accomplished: San Carlos and Half Moon Bay Airports Runways’ Rehab Projects

The runways at Half Moon Bay Airport (HAF) and San Carlos Airport (SQL) were rehabilitated in summer and fall 2023, respectively, marking a major milestone for the County of San Mateo Airports team.

The SQL and HAF runways collectively support 130,000 aircraft takeoffs and landings annually, causing pavement wear and tear, which requires ongoing care.

      • HAF’s runway pavement rehabilitation included removing rubber, sealing cracks, applying a seal coat, and re-striping.

        • SQL’s rehabilitation project was more extensive. It included replacing runway and taxiway edge pavement, stabilizing soil in the grassy areas, improving drainage, sealing cracks, applying a seal coat, re-striping, and installing new and energy-efficient LED taxiway and runway edge lights, as well as LED guidance signs.

      “We are pleased to have safely delivered these two critical infrastructure projects to our airport users, on time and within budget,” said Gretchen Kelly, County of San Mateo Airports Manager. “We appreciate the cooperation and patience of our tenants and other users when the runways were closed for rehabilitation.”

      The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which funded a significant portion of the up to $13 million in projects, requires federally funded airports to maintain runway and taxiway pavement in a safe and serviceable condition.


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